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Launched in February 2016, Regisearch shows UK vehicle information, tax prices and MOT history by registration number. It shows the information all on one page. The vehicle information comes from the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) Vehicle Enquiry Service. The MOT history comes from the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) Vehicle MOT History Service. The tax prices come from the DVLA Rates of vehicle tax PDF.

Using this site saves you doing three separate searches on the Government sites...we do that for you! Also with this site we use the GET method for the search form, which means you see the search result URL in the address bar and can copy it to share with others.


When you make a search here the DVLA and DVSA servers are queried, if data is returned it is displayed here. The tax prices are determined by the vehicle data returned, year of manufacture, year of registration, CO2 emissions etc. Tax prices are only shown for private cars, motorcycles and tricycles. This is because there is insufficient information returned by the DVLA server to determine the correct tax for goods vehicles, buses etc (it can be quite complicated).

You can look up vehicle information for cars, bikes, trikes, trucks, buses, any vehicle with a registration number. MOT history is only shown for cars, bikes and trikes as this is all that is returned from the DVSA server.

Vehicle Information

The vehicle information shows such things as the tax and MOT status of the vehicle which tells you if it's taxed or MOT'd or not. It also shows tax prices. The prices are determined from the returned vehicle data and should be quite reliable (providing the information returned is correct). Where it is not possible to determine the price, this is stated.

MOT History

A vehicle has to have an annual MOT test when it reaches three years old (from the date of registration). If the MOT history search doesn't return any information, it may be because the vehicle is less then three years old and hasn't had its first MOT. Only tests from 2005 on are provided.

The mileage figure is what was showing on the vehicle's odometer (the bit on the speedo that shows you the mileage) at the time of the test. It is not Government verification that that was the correct mileage at that time, for example the speedo could be broken or have been tampered with. The MOT tester simply records what it shows (and might make a mistake copying it down).

VOSA MOT History

Before the DVSA provided the MOT history it was provided by VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency). It is still common to hear people speak of "VOSA MOT history" but VOSA ceased to exist in 2014. It should be noted when viewing such history that it starts when the vehicle is three years old and is MOT'd for the first time. It tells you nothing about the history and mileage of it's first three years.

Cached Search

When you make a search here it gets cached for an hour. This means you can go back to the search and it will be shown instantly without querying the DVLA and DVSA servers again (not that it takes forever to do that).

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